Introducing the organisers of Warbirds Over Scone:


Upper Hunter Shire Council

The Upper Hunter Shire Council is the Local Government Authority (LGA) in the Upper Hunter area and Scone is the main town. The Shire covers approximately 8,000 square kilometres and has a total population of approximately 14,043 people.

Vintage Fighter Restorations

Vintage Fighter Restorations (or VFR for short), are part of the Pay’s Group based at Scone. They are specialists in the restoration and maintenance of classic and vintage aircraft, with a particular focus on WW2 era fighters.

Scone Aero CLub

Established in 1984, Scone Aero Club has been the focal point for flight training for the Upper Hunter. We have conducted both G.A and recreational training over the years with our primary focus today on affordable recreational training. 

Pay's Air Service

With humble beginnings of a single De Havilland Tiger Moth, the late Colin Pay established Pays Air Service which has become one of the largest and most successful aerial work companies in Australia.

Paul Bennet Airshows

With over 10 years of airshow experience and an enormous fleet of 13 aircraft, Paul Bennet Airshows offers professional services from all corners of the air show industry.